Our Private Walking Tours

Always with your own private group for a good price!
The walking tours BroodenTomaat offers are quite different from other companies who offer them; our tours are always 100% private and with an English language guide but for a normal affordable price! No big groups, just you and your group privately guided by a professional guide trough Barcelona!

We created 3 different walking tours which all take more or less 2 hours. The tours are quite different from each other. Take a look below to see what we offer and what you get to see.

Keep in mind, every tour includes:

  • - A guide who answers all your questions about Barcelona
  • - Bring your Barcelona map so the guide can give you pointers like the best restaurants
  • - ALL tours are ALWAYS private
  • - Minimum amount of people for participation is 2
  • - Every tour lasts more or less 2 hours
  • - Receive quality tips from a real local
  • - The guides are enthousiastic and have been living quite some time in Barcelona and simply love the city
  • - During the tour there´s a short break for a drink
  • - CHildren up to 6 years can join for free
  • Ruta centro

    Available: Monday to Saturday. Price: €18,- per person Duration: 2 hours
    Ruta Centro is a great tour with lots of information which takes you trough the ancient old streets of Barcelona. Beautiful squares, hidden gems and tiny gorgeous spots you would never be able to discover by yourself!

    Come with us and explore the hidden secrets of this neighbourhood. The guide takes you back to the ancient Roman city where it all started over 2000 years ago. Be stunned by the beautiful remains of the temple of Emperor Augustus but also the remains of the Spanish civil war which lasted from 1936-1939. Besides history you will see artistic bars, a relaxed atmosphere and tiny art galeries from people from all over the world. Enjoy the beautiful stories of your guide who will not only tell you about history but also about life in the modern day Barcelona!

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    Barrio Gràcia

    Availabe: Monday to Saturday. Price: €18,- per person Duration: 2 hours
    Gràcia is a neighbourhood where you won´t see many tourists which makes it one of the few areas in Barcelona where you can get a true feel about the real Barcelona life. By making a walking tour trough this neighbourhood you will get the perfect picture about the Catalan lifestyle.

    Gràcia has countless of little squares and small alleys with sometimes a side walk not wider than 2 feet! Every square has it´s own identity and charm, around these squares you will find mostly bars and restaurants and small boutique shops. Stroll trough the small streets with tiny shops with special handcrafted products, these shops sometimes have a secret hidden garden where you can have a small break. In Gràcia you will also be able to admire a fairly unknown building made by the master architect Gaudí and see how locals live their life!

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    Barcelona Lifestyle Tour

    Available: Monday to Saturday Price: €145,- per person Duration: 5 hours
    For the true lover of life we now offer you the Luxury Lifestyle Tour! Walk trough the Barcelona city centre, enjoy the most beautiful sights and highlights and enjoy on the way some quality food and wine.

    Your private guide takes you to places you won´t be able to discover by yourself and shows you the most unique hidden gems. List to the amazing stories about this magnificent city and walk trough the city alongside the most amazing buildings and art. Inbetween the tour there are some short breaks for a glass of wine and a quick bite. Wine, art and history available for everybody!

    This tour includes:
  • - Vermout (Catalan treats)
  • - Winetasting
  • - Cava
  • - Gift from Viçens
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    Barcelona by Bicycle

    Availabe: Monday to Saturday. Price: Starting at €35,- per person Duration: 3 hours
    Discover Barcelona by Bicycle with BroodenTomaat! This bicycle tour is always 100% private for you and your group with a local English speaking guide. Before the tour starts the guide will discuss with you what you want to see and if you have any specific wishes. For example; bicycle alongside Barcelona's most beautiful highlights or avoid the regular touristic areas and visit the hidden gems, less touristic areas and discover the real Barcelona lifestyle! The guide has a passion for the city and would love to share this with you. The guide knows how to take you to the best places worth visiting. Join us trough Port Vell, the beach and in the meantime enjoy a glass of Cava. The guide will also give you tips for the rest of your holidays so be sure to book your tour at the start of your vacation!

    BroodenTomaat offers 2 magnificent bicycle tours taking 3 or 6 hours. The 6 hour tour takes you trough the whole city (do not worry; the guide knows how to make sure to avoid the high traffic streets) to the most amazing sights and hidden gems. During this tour you'll also visit the local area Gràcia which needs to be done on foot. In this area you'll also enjoy a local "menu del dia", a typical meal the locals always enjoy.

    There are 2 different bicycle tours:

  • - Discover Barcelona with a private guide in 3 hours on the bicycle.(€35,- per person.)
  • - Discover Barcelona with a private guide in 6 hours on the bicycle in combination with a walking tour trough the local neighbourhood Gracia, including a ‘menu del dia’ between the locals! (€100,- per person - Lunch included)
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