Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question but can't find the answer easily? Check our FAQ and see if the right answer is there. Can't find it? Simply contact us and send your question!

Are there special group discounts?

We have them for groups of 8 people or more. Just make your reservation as usual trough the booking form and we'll discuss it via email.

Do you have bicycles for tall people?

We definitely do! We have original Dutch bikes which guarantees a comfortable ride for everybody!

Do you have child seats?

We have child seats available that go on the backside of the bicycle that can handle a weight up till 25kg (55lbs).

Do you have children's bicycles?

We have bikes in all sizes. On average children from 7 years and older can ride their own bicycle.

From what age do you allow children to ride their own bicycle?

This is completely up to the parents. We do have a variation of small bicycles but in the end it is the parents judgement if the child is able to go on a 3 hour bicycle tour trough a city. Keep in mind we also have child seats. The youngest child we ever had that joined and went on his own was 6 years old!

Do you have a tandem?

Yes we do! Book early though there is limited availability!

Which tour can I choose best?

If you're coming the first time to Barcelona you can pick any tour that appeals most to you, they're all good for a first time visitor! Here's a short overview about each tour:

  • - Ruta Centro is the perfect tour to see the best streets and sights in the old city centre.
  • - Barrio Gracia is ideal for ladies, couples, groups and people who have seen the city centre already.
  • - Ruta del Modernisme is ideal for everyone who has been to Barcelona before and for those interested in the Catalan Modernism.
  • - The Bicycle Tour is perfect for a first impression of Barcelona or if you're more experienced ask the guide to go to the "unknown" neighbourhoods.
  • - The Family Walking and Family Bicycle Tour are perfect for parents who come with children up to 11 years old.
  • - The Wine Tasting & Walking Tour is perfect if you want to combine a walking tour together with a wine tasting session.
  • I'd like to book multiple tours, how do I do this?

    After you've made the reservation for your first tour you can reserve a second tour in the exact same way. In case it's important for you to have the same guide for both tours please put in a note in the reservation form.

    I'd like to book a tour as gift for somebody else, how can I do this?

    Reserve your desired tour trough the bookingform with your personal information as contact information. In the comments section, simply put in a comment with the names of the people you've reserved for and their phone number on which they can be reached in Barcelona.

    Where do we meet when the tour starts?

    After you've made your reservation with us you'll receive a handy e-mail with loads of useful information. In the meantime we'll confirm the tour and will send you a personal e-mail in case you have any questions. After you've confirmed the tour we'll send you the meeting point and the information about your guide. This way we make sure we've covered all questions beforehand and to make sure everything is clear.

    Is there a cancellation fee?

    No. Please keep in mind tough that there's a guide waiting for you. Whenever you decide to simply not show up we're missing out of income and a potential other tour. Please be kind and honest, let us know beforehand if you can't make it for any reason!

    Do I have to do a pre-payment?

    No, there's no need for a pre-payment. We trust you that you'll cancel in time if needed.

    Which ages are ideal for the family tours?

    The family tours are specially made for families with kids till approx 11 years old. When your kids are older you're better off taking the Ruta Centro or the regular 3h bycicle tour.

    Hoe far in advance can I make a booking?

    You can book 2 months in advance. It's only 2 months to guarantee you the guide.

    Hoe long before the tour are we expected?

    It's recommended to be at the meeting point about 5 minutes before the start of the tour.

    How do I recognize my guide?

    When we confirm the tour we'll let you know who your guide is with a link to the guide overview page:about-us Here you can find more details about your private guide!

    I'd like to leave a review, where can I best do this?

    Of course you can! Please do so at: TripAdvisor

    Can we ask what we'd like to see during the tour?

    Yes you can! Whenever you depart for your tour there will always be a quick chat about your interests to make sure you get the tour you desire. Of course the guide will give his/her recommendations about what makes sense or not but since the tour is fully private to you we can take you wherever you wish!

    Can we book additinal hours?

    Yes you can! Simply put in a note in the comments section when making your reservation and we'll get it taken care off.

    Does the guide speak English?

    All the guides of BroodenTomaat speak fluent English besides several other languages.

    Is there time for a break?

    yes! During every tour there's always a short break for a quick drink. The guide will give you in the meantime very useful tips for the rest of your days in the city and he/she can mark any interesting sights for you on the map.

    Are the tour suitable for every age?

    Definitely! Our oldest person to ever join was 82 years old and on the bycicle! Because our tours are private we can also adjust the pace, the choice of streets and everything else that's required to give you an unforgettable tour!

    Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

    No problem at all! We've done this plenty of times and since Barcelona is quite a flat city there's no issues with stairs or other road blocks.

    When do we pay?

    You can pay the total amount after the tour to the guide. Please bring as much as possible the exact amount!

    Going by bycicle trough Barcelona looks dangerous, is that true?

    Riding a bycicle on Barcelona is actually quite a smooth ride. No hills, good bicycle lanes and there's a lot less traffic due to restricted areas for cars. On an interesting side note; our youngest person to ever join our tour all by itself on bycicle was 6 years old!

    In case of rain what do we do?

    Luckily we've only had 1 cancellation in the last few years because of rain. In case it rains we can convert the bicycle tour to a walking tour or simply move the tour (depending on availability). In case it looks like it's about to rain we'll simply also bring some ponchos. Luckily it simply doesn't rain that much in Barcelona but it can happen! In case of rain we'll reach out to you by phone or email to discuss the options.

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