Hi, we are Broodentomaat!

We are a team of passionate private guides since 2013. We all moved out of our home countries because we adore Barcelona, and we love sharing our passion with you.

Quality is king, and we have no other wish than giving you, our client, the best experience you can get in Barcelona in a short period of time. We make sure the private tours have real value to your visit to Barcelona, are useful but also fun and informative.

We like to believe our knowledge and profiles are unique. Often our partner is a local inhabitant, we have years of experience guiding people around, and have the deepest respect for you as our client.

There's always something new and exciting around every corner and therefore we keep exploring all Barcelona's faces and districts, not only the touristy city center. We love the beach, the street art, the food, diving into history and beautiful squares and houses. We like being up-to-date with the new places to be, the politics, bars, many festivals and live concerts we have. The true Barcelona is exciting, creative and vibrant!

At BroodenTomaat you will find private walking and biking tours of high quality. Besides that, we also give you a lot of information regarding your stay, what to visit, which restaurants are the best and pretty much anything else you'd like to know!

BroodenTomaat has also this year won the Certificate of Excellence award and also on Facebook you can read the positive reviews from our clients. Your satisfaction is what pushes us every day to deliver a good tour. Because we want to make you smile!

Oh and our company name? It is the Dutch translation for pan con tomate, or tomato and bread one of the delicious tapas dishes you should absolutely try during your stay in Barcelona 😊

Below you can meet our team and read a bit more about who we are and where we come from. Please send us all your questions you may have about the tours. You can use the contact form, send us a WhatsApp message or give us a good old phone call.

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City Guide Esther

Barcelona City Guide Esther

Who will be your guide?

I'm Esther and I'm originally from Gent in Belgium. I've been living for 5 years now in Barcelona and in the meantime, I've built a life of which I could never have dreamt. I met my boyfriend here, we have a little family now and I get to work in this beautiful city as a private tour guide and travel planner. I get to combine the fun and history of the city with interaction with people. Apart from being a tour guide, I´m also responsible for the communications, group travel and managing the tour guides for BroodenTomaat. Getting to know you a little better while guiding you is for me the definition of fun!

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City Guide Laura

Barcelona City Guide Laura

Who will be your guide?

My name is Laura. I have been living in Barcelona for over two years now. Born to a Dutch father and Catalan mother I was raised in the Netherlands and in Spain. I later studied cultural anthropology in Utrecht. I started to miss Spain and moved to Barcelona. I love history, talking to people, being outside, biking and urban exploring. Being a guide allows me to combine almost all the things I love and this makes me really happy. It will be amazing to go explore the city with you and show you some of its local hidden gems!

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City Guide Remco

Barcelona City Guide Remco

Who will be your guide?

Hi, my name is Remco and I have a little secret. I have a relationship with TWO women (please keep it for yourself)! My first girlfriend is called Berta, she’s born and raised in Barcelona. Throughout the years she showed me her favourite spots and stories about Barcelona with me. My second girlfriend´s name is Barna (this is how the locals call the city). She seems made from stone but has a great heart, and also Barna slowly opens up to me. Fortunately, Berta and Barna do like each other and are even complementary. So let’s discover Barna’s treasures together, feel and see her beauty. I am convinced she will conquer your hearts immediately as well.

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City Guide Gertrude

Barcelona City Guide Gertrude

Who will be your guide?

Hola, I am Gertru from Holland. After several holidays in Barcelona, I decided to stay here, that was 5 years ago. After graduating in Tourism and as a Spanish Teacher, it wasn’t such a strange choice to move to Spain. Also considering the nice climate, the diversity, the culture and history of the city and the beach, you might understand why I fell in love with Barcelona. I’d love to share all of that with you by bike, my other passion. I love to be outside on the streets and I am usually on my bike for that. For me the bicycle is the perfect means of transport to discover the city. Giving guided tours by bike is therefore for me the most perfect job in the world. It will be great to show you the most beautiful parts of our city and of course I’ll give you lots of tips and ideas where to go, also for nice restaurants and bars.

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City Guide Mathieu

Barcelona City Guide Mathieu

Who will be your guide?

Hello, my name is Mathieu and I'm from Belgium, Ghent. 9 years ago, I helped a friend transporting his sailing boat from Bretagne to Barcelona… and I decided to stay here. Since then I am living in the sunny and lively Barcelona and I still don't regret my decision. I love this city, her history and her unique vibe.

Back in Belgium I studied architecture for 2 years and completed a bachelor furniture making. So, I have been interested in architecture since a long time. My job as a tour guide allows me to share my interests and passion with you and keep learning every day. I really enjoy it, especially when there is a good connection between me, the guide and the client who takes the tour!

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City Guide You?

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Who will be your guide?

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