Family walking tour in Barcelona

Family walking tour in Barcelona

Available every day - English spoken - always private Price: 39€ P.P.
Children 0 to 12 years 10€ P.P.
A fun, active and interesting walking tour for the whole family in Barcelona! Book together with the kids this special tour in association with Mamyloe. Your own English private guide knows the best stops and highlights and wants to go on an adventure which is fun for the whole family. For example, we could stop at Bosc de les Fades, the fairytale forest, the candystore Papabubble or one of the most amazing icecream shops in the city! This tour is essential for every family visiting Barcelona, its unique and tailored for the whole family!

We value the fact that if your kids have a great time, you have a great time as well! This tour is fun for the whole family and a must-do for anyone visiting Barcelona with kids!

Keep in mind, every tour includes:

  • - Always fully privately guided
  • - 100% English spoken
  • - Perfect for families with kids
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